Busby Genealogy Web Site

This web site relates to genealogical, or family history, research involving the name Busby and its variants.

My name is Bret Busby, and I have done some research into my Busby ancestry, which is traced back to England in the early 1800's.

Many people, from many different countries, have done research into their family history, involving the Busby family name, and its variants, going back much further than what I have been able to achieve, and resources have been established to assist researchers into genealogy, involving the Busby family name and its variants.

This web site needs for me to be working on it, and I hope to be, as time goes on.

A Busby name Y-DNA Project, which provides for investigation of the probability of links between known Busby lines throughout the world, and between those lines and lines of families with variants of the same root as the Busby family name, including the family names Busbee, Busbey, Busbice, Busbie, Busby, Busbye, Buschebi, Bushby, Buskebi, Buskeby, Bussby, Busseby, Buzbee, Buzby, Buzzebia .

The Project involves a male with one of those family names, who is descended from a male line with the same family name, joining the Project, and being sent a kit for taking a sample of the male's DNA, and sending the sample to be analysed, and the result compared with the results of other males within the Project, to determine the probability of a relationship between the different lines.

If you are a female, who has a brother or father who is still alive, who is from a direct male line of one of the above family names, and the male immediate family member, is willing to undergo the genealogy Y-DNA testing, then this could be used to determine the probability of your descent from, and, relationship to, another known line with one of the above family names.

The facility also provides for the results of your genetic Y-DNA analysis, being compared with people from lines with a family name of the above group of names, who are yet to join the group, so that, if someone from your family line, has a genealogy analysis performed, and your family line is found unlikely to be related to existing members of the group, it may happen that someone in the future, joins the group, and their genetic Y-DNA analysis, when compared to a sample or samples from your family line, shows a distinctly high probability, of the lines being related.

The results from the Project, can also show the geographic distribution, of different known lines of related people with the Busby family name, or one of its variants.

For more information about the Busby Y-DNA Project, send an email to me at Bret

A set of genealogy mailing lists relating to the family name Busby, is listed, with descriptions, and how to subscribe to each list, on the web page at http://lists.rootsweb.ancestry.com/index/surname/b/busby.html .

If you are descended from a Busby line, and are interested in researching the genealogy of your Busby ancestry (including finding existing family lines that are related to yours, and, sharing research results, and, seeking previously unknown, live relatives), I recommend visiting that web page, and subscribing to the appropriate mailing lists, and posting an initial message introducing yourself and your lineage, and the geograhical history of your lineage, as much as you know of it, including where you are now located (country/state/province), and posting queries seeking information, to the appropriate mailing list(s).

Also existing, is a genealogy mailing list relating to the family name Buzbee, and it is listed, with its description, and how to subscribe to the list, on the web page at http://lists.rootsweb.ancestry.com/index/surname/b/buzbee.html .

Also existing, is a genealogy mailing list relating to the family name Buzby, and it is listed, with its description, and how to subscribe to the list, on the web page at http://lists.rootsweb.ancestry.com/index/surname/b/buzby.html .

I recommend visiting the appropriate web pages for mailing lists, mentioned above, if the names listed, are similar to a family name in your ancestry, and subscribing to the appropriate list(s), and, posting messages, as described above, to enhance your research, and, the research of others, who may be related.

I can be contacted with queries about this web site, by email at Bret

This web page was last updated on 23 May 2010